Readiness is the word, whether it’s the holidays or not.

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - For American soldiers who are deployed, the holiday season is a big deal. They will most definitely celebrate.  Then again, they always understand that they can be called back to duty at any time.

"It's really important that we're ready, because the enemy doesn't necessarily recognize Christmas and new years. so we've got to be ready to provide the parts and support they need in the field," said Major General Douglas M. Gabram, the Commanding General for the Army Aviation and Missile Command, AMCOM.

In his office at Redstone Arsenal's AMCOM Headquarters, Major General Gabram has a word, a concept if you will, that he repeats a lot. "It's all about readiness, and readiness means making sure the war fighter, both in aviation and the missile side have what they need," said General Gabram.

The thing that complicates the process is the fact that AMCOM supports units deployed around the world.

If they need a helicopter part, or something for an Army missile system, then AMCOM has to make sure the need is answered quickly.  The holidays don't get in the way.

"So, having been on the other side multiple times and commanded multiple units, and now sitting here, what my job is, is to visualize sand describe to the work force how important it is, because we always have to be ready," said Major General Gabram.

He used the word ready again, and that's no surprise. At AMCOM, where the workforce does a great job says the General, readiness is the gospel.