Local restaurant owner decides to stay open on Christmas, expects large turn out

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Many people look forward to time off from work around the holidays to spend with family and friends. But for some in the Tennessee Valley, it's another day at the office.

At Royal Rose Diner in Huntsville, Sundays are their busiest days. That's no exception this Christmas.

"I think that this being Sunday makes it even more busy, because a lot of people are gonna go to church and then they may stop by the restaurant," said Owner, Tatiana Kontoulakos.

Tatiana says the choice to stay open was an easy one.

"I think that's our ministry, that's our service to the community," said Kontoulakos. "For the people that their family is in the hospital or they cannot cook or they're traveling or simply because of the schedule--they're going to celebrate Christmas on another day with their family."

For one regular, her family is going out of town this Christmas, but they spent Thanksgiving at Royal Rose and say they were thankful they had a place to eat their holiday meal.

"You can come in here and experience family with the restaurant and the owners because that's the feeling you get when you come in here," said Joyce Dean. "There is energy and it just feels like home when you walk in the door."

For Tatiana, the choice to stay open is not only for business, but for the community she says is so loyal to them.