#ICYMI: A terrifying train strike and a major MAPCO gas mix-up

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We know you've been busy getting ready for Christmas so, in case you missed it, here are some of the stories that stood out this week:

A terrifying train strike

The week began with heartache for Levi Coclough when a train struck his fiance Desire Barber. The two had been staying at the Decatur Salvation Army because they are homeless and, when the shocking collision happened, Coclough told us he went numb.

Here's how Coclough described seeing his fiance, moments after she was injured...

Coclough has started a Go Fund Me account to help with Barber's medical bills. She is still in the hospital recovering. Click here if you'd like to donate.

The great MAPCO gas mix-up

Talk about horrible timing! Just before the Christmas travel rush, drivers were shocked to find themselves the victim of a gas mix-up of major proportions.

MAPCO said a third-party supplier put diesel fuel in gas pumps at two of its Madison County stations - creating a mad rush for mechanics!

Arthur Seaton, University Kia General Manager, described the rush for services this way: "We come in to work today and we've got tow truck after tow truck after tow truck coming in bringing different vehicles."

MAPCO has stepped up. The company plans to cover costs for customers:

“MAPCO will take full responsibility and will do everything possible for our guests to resolve the matter. Both sites have all fuel lines cleaned and fresh fuel is available. Additionally, MAPCO will fully accept financial responsibility for affected guests," said Ruth Picha, Director of Marketing for MAPCO. "Please contact our dedicated claims number at 844-413-4044 if you are affected."

Christmas lights galore

Need a reason to feel joyus this season? Take a look around the Tennessee Valley and check out the awesome displays of Christmas cheer from our neighbors and friends! Here are just a few of WHNT News 19's favorites...

To check out even MORE awesome Holiday Lights from our showcase in the last few weeks, click here.