Huntsville man says his credit card information was stolen by a skimmer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville native Richard Congo is like many others; he works hard to take of his family.  So of course when someone tries to steal his money it's upsetting.

"If somebody truly needed something and I knew about it I`d try to help, but don't take my credit card. Especially if it's somebody I don't have a clue on who it is," Congo said.

Congo said earlier this week he gave his son a credit card to go fill up his gas tank at a Huntsville gas station.  He said later that same day his wife got a phone call at work and it was from their credit card company.

He said the credit card company was calling to see if the couple had made any charges out of state.

"They were asking if we were using our credit card in Pennsylvania and Maryland," Congo said. After he talked with his credit card company they believed his card had been skimmed. Richard isn't the only person experiencing this problem.

Recently two suspects were arrested in Baldwin County after the sheriff's office seized more than $6,000 and 39 stolen debit cards from them.

As of now Richard Congo's situation has no relation to the two arrested in Baldwin County, but he said people should be aware next time they slide their card at the gas pump.