Cove Church wants to welcome you to their Christmas Eve services at the VBC

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - One local church has a Christmas invitation for the whole city.  Cove Church is hosting its Christmas Downtown tomorrow at the VBC.

Cove Church Pastor John Tanner says you can expect a something special from the Christmas Eve services on Saturday.

"With Christmas Downtown you can expect a high energy, family friendly, soul-stirring, Christmas worship experience," said Tanner.

Tanner said Christmas Downtown started because they needed more space. But then they realized they could make it into something even bigger.

"Let's make it central to the city, and let's pour our energy and our efforts into what we consider to be our Christmas gift to the city.  Pastor Tanner said they want "to create an experience that the whole city can benefit from."

Pastor Tanner made a good point.

"You know the first christmas in Bethlehem, the guest list was pretty broad," said Tanner.

In that spirit, he wants people to know these services are for everyone.

"I would emphasize that it's for anybody, it doesn't matter your background, your denomination, or even your religious background or where you're from," explained Tanner.

The whole city is welcome to join them for this celebration.

Cove Church's Christmas Eve services will be at 3 and 5 p.m. Saturday at the Von Braun Center.