A Christmas show for the community: A DeKalb County family uses decorations to give back

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CROSSVILLE, Ala. -- Every evening this Christmas season in DeKalb County a family's decorations aim to give back to the community in multiple ways.

Chace and Brooke Walker decorated the inside of their Crossville home for their family. As beautiful as it is, the outside means so much more.

Cars stop in front of their home on County Road 82 every evening during the holiday season and turn down their headlights. Drivers tune into a local radio station and immediately music floods the car. Lights cover the Walker's home and are synced to the music.

"This is the fourth annual light show," Walker explains

The 20,000 or so lights take about two weekends to put up, and longer to sync to the music.  "Every year, I do the lights, and I say that's the easy part," Walker says.

The show starts off in black, with Walker's daughter speaking an intro. "This year, we are raising money for a cute little five-year-old named Kamryn," she starts, "'The doctor said she has Niemann–Pick disease."

"My wife Brooke does the hard part, which is pray about and come up with a charity," Walker said, "Karsyn has a little intro to the show this year. She talked about Kamryn Brumbeloe. She's a girl from Boaz."

"Of course there isn't any admission to see the show, but as Karsyn says in the welcome, we would like any donations or prayers that you would have for Kamryn."

The Walkers do the show for the community. Even though they're just lights, they hope for the people watching, those lights go deeper than the surface. "During this busy time we want to take a break and let everybody enjoy the lights and remember the real meaning of Christmas, and that is the best gift we've ever received, which is Jesus Christ," Walker said, "We're blessed beyond measure so we want to be a blessing to others,"

The show runs until January first from 5:30-9:30 p.m. weekday nights and 5:30-11:30 p.m. on weekends. Tune in to 95.5 FM to hear the music.