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Still need to ship a Christmas present? You’ve got time!


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – December 25th is right around the corner! Have you sent all your packages to extended family out of town?

If not, don’t worry! The United States Postal Service has send-by dates that include all the way up until Friday, December 23rd.

Here are some dates of days you are still able to send and receive just in time for Christmas.

  • First Class Mail Service: send by December 20, the package will take 1-3 days to be delivered. The USPS says this is ideal for cards and light-weight merchandise.
  • Priority Mail Service: send by December 21, the package will take 1-3 days to be delivered. This option includes USPS tracking when you ship online or in-store. The boxes are also a bit more roomy to allow for bigger Christmas presents.
  • Priority Mail Express: send by December 23, the package has an overnight delivery guarantee. The postal service says this is the fastest domestic service and available all year long.