Huntsville Fire and Rescue: “Don’t heat your home by stove”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A fire broke out at a home on Green Meadow Drive in Huntsville Saturday afternoon. Huntsville Fire and Rescue, Police and HEMSI responded. Officials told WHNT News 19 it started in the kitchen and was quickly put out.

It was the second kitchen fire in Huntsville in less than 24 hours. The other happened early Saturday morning near the Alabama A&M campus. Luckily, no one was severely injured in either of these fires. Captain Frank McKenzie with Huntsville Fire and Rescue said the winter months are the busiest for these kinds of fires.

It's important to note that almost all of these types of fires are preventable.

This time of year, many try to heat their homes by turning on their stove. Captain McKenzie said you should never do this. Stoves were designed to use when they are closed, not open.

For those of you entertaining this holiday season, make sure to always watch anything that you're cooking. One third of home cooking fires are a result of unattended cooking. Most kitchen fires actually happen when you walk out of the room for five minutes or less.

It's a good idea to keep an extinguisher nearby. If a fire does spark up in your kitchen, don't try to put it out with water.

McKenzie also told WHNT that the majority of people who take a pot that's on fire outside usually burn themselves. It's best to use an extinguisher or cookie sheet.

While cooking you shouldn't wear loose clothing.

It's also good to keep plastic, rags, and other flammable items away from the heat.