TAKING ACTION: Employees report continued problems at Salty Gator Trading Company

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Former employees say the Salty Gator Trading Company, a Cajun restaurant in Huntsville, continues to withhold their final paychecks.

It's a story we first explained a week ago. But those who considered themselves current employees until this week, tell us it's only gotten worse because the restaurant is now closed. They don't believe it will reopen, and say they're also owed money for the month of December and even part of November.

WHNT News 19 spoke with two of them who say they find themselves without jobs and money to pay bills during the holidays.

"Still, to this day, no one has contacted us," said former server Ashley Rogers of restaurant owners. "We're all just put in the dark, and we're all jobless."

She said it's going to be a hard season for employees who are struggling, saying she's less worried about herself and more about the families impacted by the restaurant's mysterious closure.

"There's some people who are sitting on eviction notices right now," she said. "It just breaks my heart because, what can you do?" She added, "I really wish we knew what was going on."

A quick Google search reveals the restaurant is listed there as "permanently closed." Its Facebook page is gone, and the phone just rings when we call to get more information.

When WHNT News 19 showed up to get answers in person, someone came out to meet us. He did not identify himself, but told us they have no comment and asked us to leave, without answering our questions about what's next.

Employees say they are also left with questions about when their checks are coming, if at all. Some, we have been told, are struggling to make ends meet.

"It's not very merry," said Rogers. "It's devastating. You never expect it could happen to you."

Some of the employees are trying to raise funds for those in dire need this holiday season. When we find out how you can help, we will update this post. The restaurant employees are welcoming any resources they're offered.