Roaches, unlabeled bleach bottles, and bare-hand food contact in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant

1802 Hwy 72 E. Suite D, Athens      Score of: 81  


  • Pouring mop water out in parking lot.
  • Damaged fryer baskets.
  • Drink Nozzles needs cleaning.


Greenbrier Restaurant

27028 Old Hwy 20, Madison     Score of: 81   


  • Damaged fryer baskets
  • Cracked ice scoop
  • Meat held at hazardous temperatures
  • Bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food


J J's Restaurant

8225 Hwy 72, Cherokee     Score of: 76


  • Meat held at hazardous temperatures-- 3 day notice given
  • No date mark on baked potatoes or coleslaw-- 10 day notice given
  • Roach crawling across kitchen table during inspection-- 10 day notice given
  • Unapproved ant and roach spray
  • Spray bottle of bleach not labeled-- 3 day notice given

Clean Plate Recommendation

Five Guys Burgers & Fries

1241 Point Mallard Pkwy., Decatur     Score of: 99