Renovations to Scottsboro’s Rec*Com pool are put on hold

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - Renovations to Scottsboro's Rec*Com pool have been postponed. They were supposed to start the end of this year, but the city council has decided to wait to work on these changes.

"We just feel like until we get the bids in on Veterans field, we needed to just stop these other projects as far as architectural work," said Mayor Robin Shelton.

After reviewing the pool area with city engineers, they said a lot of the work is just simple maintenance issues.

"It's pretty much just the pool area. We've got to replace the pump, filter," said Mayor Shelton. "We've got some issues with the HVAC, the ceiling needs some work done. Obviously we'll have to wait until Spring on that, but it's pretty much contained to the pool area."

They also want to make a few more cosmetic changes to the dressing rooms and the hallways leading into the pool area. It's a project that will just have to wait until the new year.

"We hope some time in January/February we'll starting looking at just segments. Like the first is the pump and filter situation. That will be our first priority to get that back in order."

Several areas of the pool haven't been updated since the 80s and the city is looking to hopefully one day give it a more modern look.

Renovations on the Heritage Center and Fire Station 3 have also been postponed. The bids for Veterans Ballparks with happen this Thursday, hopefully moving the other project along.