The Rose of Sharon lends a helping hand this holiday season

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - You may remember, we told you about one non-profit's need for turkeys to help during their holiday food box distribution.

Thanks to many generous WHNT viewers, The Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen and Thrift Store was able to collect nearly 300 turkeys from starting at 50, to give to families in need.

Sharon Walker and her team of volunteers are very busy this time of year.

From packing the truck full of turkeys, to going door-to-door in a low-income housing community in Huntsville is how they like to spend their Saturday morning.

"Typically these are people that won't ask for help, but they need it," said Sharon Walker. "We did this last year and we had more people tell us, 'We wouldn't have had Christmas dinner if you hadn't come.' So, it's a blessing to be able to do this."

For the third year going door to door, the hugs never get old and neither do the 'Thank You's.'

Walker says there are no strings attached, no expectations...just to enjoy a nice meal with family on Christmas day. Although their efforts wouldn't be complete without the generous people of the Tennessee Valley.

"We're so thankful to all of your viewers for helping us because they made this possible," said Walker. "Ya know, 50 turkeys to do food boxes with is great, but what we have now just helps so many more people that are really in need and so we're very thankful."