Organizations Provide Disaster Relief to Tornado Victims

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It has been 11 days since damaging winds touched down in this Madison County community. The damage has left families displaced. "There wasn't a lot of homes completely destroyed, but there was a lot of damage though," Wears Chapel Baptist Church Assistant to the Pastor Todd Panter said.

Panter said 25 to 50 homes were damaged, but there was one home in particular that was completely ruined. Last week WHNT introduced you to Jeffery Travis and showed you his severely damaged home. Panter said they're one of the families they are helping.

He goes on to explain that Wears Chapel Baptist is just the center point for many organizations. He said several other churches, The American Red Cross, and other agencies have helped out.

These organizations have provided food to tornado victims and repaired homes damaged by mother nature's wrath. Panter said recovering after a huge storm can be a financial drain even with insurance. He said with it being close to Christmas it could be a burden on families.

"I know a lot of people are depressed this time of year. We think it`s a celebration time of year and it is, but there`s a lot of people who have experienced tragedy during the December month; it`s not a happy time", Panter said.

The church is still accepting monetary donations and are asking for hygiene products to be donated. If you would like to help out you can reach Wears Chapel Baptist at (256)348-4561.