City of Madison phone number falsely used in Debt Consolidation automated call

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MADISON, Al. - The Madison Police Department has received information that a Madison City phone number has been used in an automated "Debt Consolidation" call.

Capt. Terrell Cook said if you get a call from the City of Madison and it's a pre-recorded message, hang up. He said a Madison citizen received that very call with an automated message telling her they had detected she was behind on her debt. When she called the number back it went to the Madison Senior Center.

From what police can tell, it doesn't look like whoever sent out this call is specifically targeting the City of Madison. Instead, they might be using a random number generator with a 256 area code.

Capt. Cook said technology is so advanced these days it's almost impossible to pinpoint the location of where the call is coming from, especially if it's an automated call. It also makes it easy for scammers to make whatever number they want to appear on your caller ID.

Instead, the best defense they have is warning the public that this could happen, and getting offenders to look elsewhere by making Madison citizens aware.

The recipient of these calls are prompted to "press (1)" to help consolidate their debts or provide other related financial services that are not reputable. They often ask for personal financial information such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers. Providing information to these automated calls may result in identity theft or unauthorized financial transactions.

Capt. Cook said he wants to remind citizens that the City of Madison will never solicit money over the phone. If you receive one of these  calls he asks that you call the Madison Police Department at 256-772-6252.