Salvation Army bell ringers robbed by red kettle thief

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Officials from the Salvation Army confirm that two kettle stands and buckets have taken from bell ringing locations in the past two days, while they were being manned by bell ringers.

The organization said that Eddie Hollis was robbed while ringing the bell last night at Kroger off Memorial Parkway.

"I stepped inside the foyer and all of a sudden this guy grabbed the stand and threw it in the back of a white SUV and sped off. Everything happened so fast I could not get an accurate description of the vehicle. All I know is it was a white SUV," Hollis said.

Major Bret McElroy, Corps Officer of the Salvation Army for Madison County said this is a big deal.

"We served over 125,000 meals and provided more than 91,000 nights of shelter last year. The dollars raised in the red kettle campaign go to services such as these," McElroy said.

If you have any information about these robberies, please contact the Huntsville Police Department at  (256)772-7100.