Huntsville man sought in alleged ‘sovereign citizen’ ID theft ring arrested in Ohio

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  One of the men sought in a suspected ‘sovereign citizen’ identity theft ring has been arrested in Ohio, the Madison County District Attorney’s office told WHNT News 19.

Sean Decambra was arrested last month near Dayton, Ohio, prosecutors said.

“One of the individuals who had skipped out from court, he’s been apprehended in Ohio,” said Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard. “He’s been detained, and we’re going to extradite him back to Huntsville.”

Decambra faces one count of possession of a forged instrument. He missed a court appearance in  September, but filed a motion with the court questioning the charge against him.

Decambra filed a motion with the court Sept. 8, arguing that he should not have been charged under Alabama law. The filing argues the “forged instrument” he was charged with possessing was actually a “World Passport,” which is not illegal under Alabama or federal law.

A co-defendant Miles Tibbs was also arrested in August. He is charged with trafficking stolen identities among other charges. His case has been waived to a Madison County grand jury. Tibbs brother, Monualdai Tibbs is also sought in the case.

The three men are accused of running a “forgery and fake ID factory,” according to Madison County Assistant District Attorney Jay Town.

Prosecutors say the operation was run out of a home in a prosperous neighborhood near the Huntsville International Airport. It turns out the men didn’t own or rent the home, they moved in after it had been foreclosed on.

When deputies moved to evict the home’s occupants in August, they discovered documents and other items, according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said they found they found scores of identity and Social Security information and foreign currency from Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.