Marshall County family’s home damaged during EF-1 tornado

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UNION GROVE, Ala. - A Marshall County family is going into a new week glad they are all safe, even though their home doesn't look like it used to. Damage from an EF1 tornado is still evident.

In the six minutes it was on the ground, an EF1 tornado damaged Keaton and Katie Willis' Union Grove home in a way they never thought they would see.

The family was staying with relatives when the storm came through last week.

"We got a call from a concerned friend who said I really think you need to come here, so I woke my dad up and we came out but it was still storming," said Katie Willis.

The daylight made the damage all the more evident.

"The camper was rolled about 30 feet," Keaton Willis explained, "It ended up upside down, slapped against the house. It broke a lot of brick and did a good bit of structural damage to the garage area on the other end of the house."

The tornado blew patio furniture more than 100 yards away. It moved a basketball pole, and damaged the roof.

The couple is still noticing things inside the home that are different than they were before the storm hit. They're getting the foundation of the home checked because there could be unseen damage.

But, regardless of the situation, the family has things to be thankful for.

"I'm thankful that we still have a house that's standing," Willis said, "It's kind of scary, they're sending an engineer because we've got some cracking in the bricks but all in all, we're safe, it's Christmas, we've got a ton to be thankful for."

The couple says many of their relatives are out-of-state and the response from the community has been overwhelming.