Huntsville Police asking for information about injured teen found on the side of I-565

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Police are asking the public for information about a teen who was found injured along the side of I-565 last week, near Maysville Road.

Someone called 911 on Monday, November 28 about 9:50 p.m. to report a person lying on the side of I-565.  It was dark and raining heavily.

The teen was suffering from injuries to his head, arms and legs. He has special needs, and investigators say he hasn't been able to tell anyone how he was hurt.

Lt. Stacy Bates said they are doing everything they can to find out what happened, but they're working with little to no information.

"It's a special needs teenager and I don't know if it's due to that or maybe some of his injuries but he hasn't been able to recall what happened to him.

Lt. Bates said his injuries are consistent with being hit by something, but at this point they don't suspect assault.

"We know he was walking, he did walk away from his house, we don't know if maybe he was trying to walk to a friend or a relative, and maybe got picked up and thrown out, or maybe got hit by a vehicle, we really just don't know at this point," he said.

The teen was taken to the hospital and his family is caring for him. His injuries were not life threatening, though we are told he did have to have some surgery, possibly on his leg. Bates said they're just trying to piece together what happened.

"We don't know if it was an accident or intentional, so until we can determine further he is considered a victim," he said.

Police are hopeful someone will step up and come forward with information.

"We're hoping that as time goes by maybe he'll be able to recall a little bit more about what did happen, but at this point we're really relying on the public to figure out what did happen," said Bates.

If you have any information about this -- if you saw anything, or know anything that may help police, please call Investigator Jonathan Sallis with the Huntsville Police Department at (256) 746-4107.