Who will replace Senator Jeff Sessions?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - From the campaign trail to the 'Thank You' tour... to meetings at Trump tower for his cabinet. President-Elect Donald Trump is shaping the team we'll see and hear a lot from in the next four years.

One pick is Alabama's very own, Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. One Alabama RNC Committeeman reacts to what Sessions will bring to the administration.

"Sessions brings the Alabama ideas and the Alabama positions that the Alabama Republican Party has established over a period of many years," said Paul Reynolds.  "Sessions brings that to the national level."

But the question then moves into who could replace Sessions in the senate?

"I think the Governor knows and I'm not for sure the Governor fully knows the end result of what he's going to do," said Reynolds. "He is formulating his plans as we go along now."

While Reynolds says the possibilities are endless for who could successfully fill the void, he has an idea of when it might be.

"Probably waiting until the next scheduled election, which is two years from now and that saves the state about 3 to 5 million dollars in the process of doing it that way," said Reynolds.