City Councilman Devyn Keith talks improving District 1

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — New Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith is a man on a misson.

He wants to do big things in District 1, and he wants the people in his District to help him.

One way to get the support, is to live in their neighborhoods. Keith promised to live, not spend time, but to live in multiple areas in District 1. He told WHNT in this week’s Leadership Perspectives the reason for that is pretty simple.

“For people who say to me that they only see elected officials during the election season. Well the unique thing is now they’ll have a city councilman who experiences whether there’s a drug issue…I’ll experience it as well. Maybe we do need a speed bump…I’ll experience that as well. A lot of individuals talk about crime rates and that a lot of vagrancy and squatting goes on in those neighborhoods.., those disenfranchised communities….I’ll experience that as well.”

View¬†the entire conversation with Huntsville’s District 1 City Councilman Devyn Keith, here in three parts: