Mountain bike group helps clean up Monte Sano after storm damage

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Tennessee Valley was hit hard by high winds and heavy rain on Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning.

One of those areas, Monte Sano State Park. Clean up crews took to the trails early Saturday morning to restore a park they know and love.

"This is my home, I mean these trails are my hurts to see the condition that they're in and it makes me sad," said SORBA member, Annette Evers.

Members of SORBA, Southern Off Road Bicycling Association, took to the trails--but differently than they normally do.

They were without a bike this time, to clean up the trails impacted by storm debris.

Annette Evers has been walking these trails her whole life.

"My mom was an avid hiker and so she would bring us out as soon as we started walking," said Evers. "She would drag us all over the trails and I mean, when I was little, I complained about it, but I grew to really, really love it."

Some parts of the North Plateau trail are completely impassable. Where an old trail once was, is hardly recognizable.

"To see how many people care about our park and our trails is heartwarming, it really is," said Evers. "I just can't believe it. I mean people from all over have come to help this morning and so it's obvious that it's important to a lot of people."

But with some help, the volunteers are looking forward to the day they can get back on their bike, on these very trails.

Over 150 volunteers helped in clean up efforts. To find more information about SORBA, visit their Facebook page.