Family tries to pick up the pieces after tornado damage

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HUNTSVILLE, Al. – Several people are still recovering from this week's storms, but some don't have a place to call home anymore. Huntsville resident Jeffery Travis is one of those people. He lost his home when a tornado came through. "Winds started picking up and it started raining heavy, then all of a sudden it got quiet and we just started seeing flashing lights and it sounded like a big ole train coming", Travis said.

He lived in the rented home for four months with his wife, five-year-old son, and 14-month-old daughter. Travis said a tree fell on top of the house while they were at home. "It was directly behind the house and fell across the main wall, and that was the only thing that kept it from crushing us", Travis said.

The darkness kept Travis from seeing much of the damage, but when the sun rose the devastation was clear. The fallen tree left the home to resemble the puzzle video game Tetris. "I got two kids and no matter what we go through, I got to support them and I just try to stay positive and look on the bright side of things, you know everyone could have been gone", Travis said.

He's hoping to find some help to replace the material things, and to help his family get back on his feet. He's happy his family survived the tornado's wrath. "Family is the most important thing, everything else can be replaced, but you can`t replace family", Travis said.

If you would like to help this family or know of any agencies that could help email WHNT News 19's Aaron Cantrell.