Morgan County Sheriff warns of familiar phone scam making a comeback

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – A familiar phone scam is making a comeback.

Sheriff Ana Franklin reports that there have been numerous reports of persons receiving a phone call from a person who says they are a representative of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

People report that the caller is using various names and duty titles to try to intimidate whoever answers the phone.

The caller then proceeds to tell the person who answers the phone that they have an outstanding warrant and that they have missed a court appearance or failed to show for jury duty.

The scammers offer to “accept payment over the phone” to prevent the embarrassment of being arrested.

The thieves then direct the victims to get a reloadable cash card from Walmart or Kroger so they can “pay the fines”.

Sheriff Franklin just wants to remind everyone the following:

  • At no time will a representative of the Sheriff’s Office ask for payment over the phone to satisfy a warrant or court ordered lien.
  • If a warrant is issued in a matter, it must be served.
  • If a lien has been issued, that paperwork must be served to you.
  • You pay any fines you owe directly to the persons at the clerk’s office in the courthouse.
  • They are not collected over the phone by a deputy.
  • If you receive a call like this, just hang up.