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The purchase of Bellefonte could be an economic boost for Jackson County

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - "When we're talking about jobs and investment, that's going to be huge for Jackson County."

With the selling of Bellefonte and construction jobs coming to the area, this gives businesses already here a chance to prosper.

"For business owners, those folks are going to have to eat, going to have to have a place to sleep, so that's going to be huge for a lot of business owners in our community," says Commission Chair Matthew Hodges.

Not only will there be temporary construction positions, but also several permanent jobs within the company, opening up a new market for those looking for employment in Jackson County.

"I hope that there are folks, young folks, looking at this as a possible career choice and will be making those decisions to get into that career field so that they can come back and work in Jackson County," says Commissioner Hodges.

The Commission is also hoping that it will spark financial growth as well and help with next year's budget.

"What we will see is from the property tax and they're still trying to understand completely how that's going to work. Utilities operate differently as far as how they're taxed and most other property owners, so those are things we're still trying to understand."

Commissioner Hodges is optimistic about the purchase of Bellefonte and the several possibilities it can bring to the area.