Florence’s Indian Mound Museum still weeks from opening

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FLORENCE, Ala. - A new attraction highlighting the Native American is nearing completion.

In the shadow of the historic Indian Mound, sits a $1.2 million Indian Museum. With custom artwork adorning the front wall, visitors are taken back in time.

111516-todd-nix“It’s very important that we tell the story of the people who were here first and how significant the Native American was to our culture,” said Todd Nix with the Florence Parks and Recreation Department.

For years the city operated a decaying museum on this site. Now the interior is covered with the makings of state of the art displays.

“For a city our size and an area our size, a museum like this where you can walk through the main periods of time from when the people that were here before us lived and seeing how they lived and it’s educational and it will be technologically sound, it will be fascinating,” said Nix.

111516-ld-florence-indian-museum-update-5pm-pkg2According to Nix, there is still a lot to be done on the displays. The city contracted with a nationally known designer to bring the museum to life. It’s also designed to be easily updated, to keep visitors coming back.

“We have developed a partnership with folks like the University of Alabama where we can loan them things, mainly people will be loaning us things that we can display,” Nix explained.

Nix said the museum will open in early 2017. He says he didn’t want to rush the design.

The Indian Mound in Florence is the largest residential mound of its kind in the Tennessee Valley.

It`s believed Native Americans settled there well before the Cherokee, Chickasaw or Creek Indians ever inhabited the region.