The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce held its first Prime Time Business Expo

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - More than 50 businesses gathered Monday for the Prime Time Business Expo.  This was a chance for the chamber to reward the 140 new chamber members added this year.

"Give them an opportunity to tell about their business, show their wares, show things to people, sell things if they're able to sell things, give away stuff. But the biggest thing is to promote local business and that's what this business expo is all about," says Rick Roden, President of the Chamber of Commerce.

Rick Roden says the expo benefits these businesses.

"These businesses need an opportunity to grow and an opportunity to be exposed to the people to know what they do.
We want people to stay in Jackson County to do their shopping."

It can also bring a boost to the economy.

"They could be buying stuff here. They don't even know that people have the stuff that they're looking for, so this is a way to
get word to out to all of our citizens that they can spend their money in Jackson County," says Rick Roden.  "When they do that the sales tax dollars stay here and they support our schools and support parks they support our roads."

Businesses from clothing boutiques to insurance providers to even counseling centers offered information and their services.

"It's a new day in Jackson County, and we're excited about what the future holds.