Smoke entering the Tennessee Valley may impact your car

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Heavy smoke has entered the Tennessee Valley and the harmful particles are also impacting our cars, but not as much as you might think. Christian Brothers Automotive Service Advisor Mike Barto said the smoke won't cause your car to stop working, but it will get into the filters.

Barto said a vehicle is designed to handle rough conditions and everyday normal driving. He said there are two filters, an air and cabin filter in a car. The air filter is designed to make the engine run properly, and the cabin filter protects us from harmful pollution like smoke. "It's like a furnace filter at home; it filters the air before you breath it inside the vehicle when your ac is on and when your heat is on," Barto said.

He said since the wildfires aren't near the area, the smoke will not cause as much damage, but if you're wondering if your filter is clean or not; the difference is night and day.

A clean filter is all white, and a dirty one is black. He said the smoke is a great reminder to always have regular maintenance done on your vehicle.