Firefighters across the state promote “Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention”

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. -  "Across the country every three hours and twelve minutes somebody dies from a fire."

So far there have been 71 deaths in the state of Alabama because of fires. Firefighters across the state said it's time to help reduce that number, so they've started a campaign to help with fire safety.

"We compared it in the early stages to the "click it or ticket." Everybody knows what click it or ticket means and it's synonymous and now everyone wears their seat belt virtually," says Chief Gene Necklause of the Scottsboro Fire Department.  "We want "Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention" to have that same recognition."

The campaign provides several educational resources for learning about fire safety.  It's reported that most fire deaths occur during the winter months, so now is the perfect time to use these tips.

"Alternative heat fires tend to be one of the more predominant causes of home fires. Kerosene heaters, wall heaters, space heaters, electric heaters that may have bad extension cords and those sort of things all contribute to starting these fires."

Chief Necklaus says the most important tip he can give from the "Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention" campaign is to make sure you test your smoke detector and have it in the correct spot.

"I would encourage everyone to call their local fire department. I think any fire department in the area is going to be more than happy to go out and help with that."

Chief Necklaus says that this campaign is a very small start, but they're depending on everyone to help spread the word and information.

Find more information on the Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention campaign online, and on Facebook.