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Political Analyst Jess Brown talks early voting with WHNT

Political Analyst Jess Brown stops by to talk early voting during this week's Leadership Perspectives

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- One of the big features of this presidential election was early voting. Dozens of states had it, although Alabama wasn’t one of them. Political Analyst Jess Brown stopped by WHNT this week, and says Alabama may be in line to have it one day.

“Obviously other states controlled by Democrats and Republicans have done it. A few states have had some problems with it because of the length of time they allow…but it’s basically a good idea. Do I think Alabama will get to it? Let’s see…there are 36 or 37 states doing it…there’s 50 states in the union. I would guess we would be one of the last five.”

Brown has a lot more to say about early voting, the voter polls that turned out wrong, and what might be  a glimmer of hope for democrats in a very republican Alabama. View our entire conversation with Political Analyst Jess Brown, here in three parts: