A plea for help from a Veteran to find her lost companion

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Felecia Owens-Wilson is a disabled veteran. She joined the Army straight out of school. She said life after the military hasn't always been easy. "It's not easy being a Veteran, it's not easy not being able to get the help you need," Owens-Wilson said.

She said her life became even more difficult on Veteran's Day 2016 when her one-year-old English Bulldog disappeared. She said he's always been there to support her and her family, and she's helpless without him. "He helps me through my anxiety, helps me through my depression, and helps me through my PTSD," Owens-Wilson said.

She said she left her dog Bruno out like she always does into her fenced yard, but when she came back he was gone. "If anyone knows where he is at please return him to me, because he means a lot to me and he's my companion," Owens-Wilson said.

The dog was last seen around Brier Ridge Court near Legacy Elementary School and Vandiver Farms. She has given WHNT News 19 photos of her dog. If you find the dog, Mrs. Owens-Wilson says you can take him to a vet to have him location-scanned since he is wearing a tracking chip. You can also submit tips to WHNT News 19 through our website if you have any information.