Veterans reflect on President Elect Donald Trump

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Veterans day is a day of gratitude and this year's holiday comes four days after a historic presidential election.

During President Elect Donald Trump's campaign; he made several promises to veterans.

He suggested every Veteran should have the option to be taken care of through the VA or choose a personal provider.

Veteran James Heyward said he agrees with Trump, but the country is missing the money to take care of veterans properly.

Heyward served in the military for 30 years and said veterans do need to be taken care of better.

"Veterans are not supported with the manner on which they deserve, because when they come home they need to have people help them reinsert themselves into society", Heyward said.

Other veterans say they don't know if Trump will keep his promise or not; while others support him 100 percent.

Heyward said the country needs to remember we're Americans first and political parties second.

"We look for a brighter future under President Trump, however he must remember to be even handed in his administration," Heyward said.