127 flags fly in Decatur to honor veterans

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DECATUR, Ala. - On this Veteran's day you no doubt saw flags flying across the Tennessee Valley. In Decatur, there were 127 of them. Each star spangled banner honored living soldiers and those who have passed.

Behind every star and stripe, there's a story. It's one of someone's brother, sister, mother, or father. In the case of Loronda Ward, it's the love of her life.

"He meant the world to me, but beyond that he was an American hero," said Ward.

Haskel Ward served in the Korean war. Loronda will tell you that the world would be a better place if there were more Haskels in it.

"He was truly what America stands for. He believed in doing the right thing, standing on your principles. Don't question yourself, just know that what you're doing is the right thing," said Ward.

Haskel recently lost his battle to pancreatic cancer, but he was fortunate to see the overwhelmingly beautiful sight at the American Legion Post 15 last November.

"Thankfully he did get to see this, and it meant the world to him," said Ward.

Loranda teaches third grade in Hartselle. She says there's an important lesson we could all be reminded of.

"I talk to my children about how when you say the pledge, you don't just spell the words out. You stand in attention, you look at the flag, and you pledge your allegiance to the United States of America. It does say one nation under God, and there is no comma there. It is one nation under God. These people sacrificed for that honor," said Ward.

Sponsors paid $10 per flag. The American Legion is donating proceeds to a charity that helps children of fallen soldiers.