Veteran’s Day celebration acts as reminder of who fight for our rights

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Westlawn Middle School's Department of Fine Arts put on a Veterans Appreciation Night in Huntsville Wednesday. It was a chance for students from several Huntsville City Schools to show veterans how thankful they are for their service.

"It's amazing, just to see that they have an understanding of what it means to say 'thank you' to a veteran," commented Gwendolyn Spears, who served 18 years in the Army. "Just to see them perform, and celebrate all I stood for in the military serving my country, is great."

"Our mission in Army JROTC is to help our young people become better citizens," said Marion Mike, Ret. CSM who spent 26 years in the Army, "so I'm proud to see them observe the veterans from the past and also those who are currently serving today."

This celebration came a day after the presidential campaigns came to a close, and election season ended. As bands played patriotic songs, it was a reminder that the veterans fought for our rights not just to enjoy freedoms, but to choose our leaders.

Rep. Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) said, "It's a breather from all this election activity. Tonight is something that just restored my confidence in where we are as a country. I really enjoyed it. Our children were so impressive tonight."

It was also unifying: a show of appreciation for veterans from multiple schools and organizations: Columbia High's Army JROTC and band, Jemison High's Air Force JROTC, the US Army Materiel Command Brass Quintet, Alabama A&M's ROTC Pershing Angels, Westlawn Middle's band, and various student presenters.

"To see young children honoring our veterans really means a lot to me, and it makes the time I served worth it, knowing I did it for them," commented Jemison High's Maj. Melissa Lacey, Senior Aerospace Service Instructor.