Renovations on the Quinn Hotel will continue after the damage caused by a fatal crash

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. - One World Adventure Company owners, Angie and Bill Shugart, were in the process of renovating the old Quinn Hotel.  Their plans were to turn the building into a hub for nature enthusiasts, unit they received the news about the crash.

"To find out this gentleman lost his life in this accident, it really saddens us. But we've had some time to process that now and moving forward it's given us some ideas that we didn't have before," says Bill Shugart.

They say the next step is to work with the structural engineer, architects, and state historic preservation office to come up with a game plan.

"This is fixable. This is something we can tackle. We do want to move quickly to make sure that we don't experience any further degradation of the building," says Bill.

Although the wreck put a slight hold on their plans, the Shugarts are still very eager to finish the project. Tourism is an important part of the growth of Fort Payne, and they're dedicated to making the renovation possible.

"Yes, we are going to keep moving. It did force us to take money that we would've used renovating the Quinn and now we're focusing on getting back to square one."