Senator Clay Scofield commends Alabama voters for saying ‘yes’ to Amendment 2

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. - Voters were overwhelmingly in favor of Amendment 2, which will keep funding in the Alabama State Parks.

Senator Clay Scofield, who sponsored the bill that became the amendment, says the 'yes' vote secures a future for the system.

The amendment passed with 80 percent of voters saying 'yes'.

"I just want to thank the people of Alabama. I really think that this is going to be something that they can be proud of," District 9 Senator Clay Scofield says.

Scofield sponsored the bill that turned into Amendment 2.

"It will go into effect immediately. In this next budget cycle, money will not be able to be transferred from the parks, they'll be able to keep what they earn," Scofield explains.

The amendment would prevent those funds garnered by the parks from being transferred elsewhere.

In the past five years, some $15 million had been transferred to the State's General Fund. The system closed five parks last year and limited services in many others.

Scofield encourages Alabama residents to continue to support the parks.

"This amendment allows the parks to keep what they earn," Scofield says, "They still need to rely on the public to earn."

Scofield says the 'yes' vote secures a future for the parks.

"We can make our parks showcases for out-of-State visitors, and something that Alabamians can truly be proud of and enjoy."

District 26 Representative Kerry Rich handled the bill that morphed into Amendment 2 in the House.