Nelson Elementary holds a Veterans Day Parade

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - "My favorite part of the parade is listening to the music and getting to walk," says Audrey Frye, a student at Nelson Elementary.

Veterans from all over Scottsboro gathered on Wednesday to march in the Nelson Elementary Veterans Day Parade.  "I was in the Navy and the Seabees," says Philip Hastings.

Philip Hastings and his nieces, Audrey and Leanna Frye, say they march every year for his brother who was also their father.

"He retired out of the Navy in Trident. He was in the VP squadron and I come out here every year to walk with them in memory of him and just veterans," says Hastings.

He believes it's important that children know why we celebrate Veterans Day...

"I like to celebrate the people that have served our country," added Audrey.

...and honor those who sacrificed their lives for the lives of others.

"It's important to me and I think it is to them," says Hastings.  "I've always thought that the veterans are somebody that should be admired for what they've done."

Philip Hastings says veterans need your continued support because "this country is the greatest country in the world because of them".