Jerry Foster continues to make an impact even after retirement

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Jerry Foster is this week's Tools For Teachers winner!

Mr. Foster has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to teaching. He just retired, but still helps out around Florence High School.

Principal Lynne Hice is happy to still have him around. "Mr. Foster is an incredible person and incredible educator."

She credits Mr. Foster for helping take the school's fine arts program to the next level.

"Our fine arts academy is where it is today because of the dedication and the love that he has for children, teachers, and for the arts." said Hice.

Jerry Foster is retired from teaching, but still works at Florence High School as a facilitator.

Jerry Foster is retired from teaching, but still works at Florence High School as a facilitator.

Foster says his mission is to help mold young minds.

He is always thinking about the kids.

"I get up every morning thinking on how I can help these kids. I go to bed at night thinking how I can help these kids." said Foster.

He and his students have grown so close they've even come up with a name.

"They nicknamed themselves 30 something years ago Foster children and that`s what they are and everyone of them calls themselves that and when I lose one from an accident, or cancer, or suicide, or  war or whatever it takes a little bit of my heart, you know." Foster said tearfully.

And it's that level of personal investment and dedication that makes Jerry Foster this week's Tools For Teachers Honoree.

"Great excitement and gratitude for channel 19 in making sure he was recognized because he is more than deserving." says Principal Hice.

As for winning $319, Mr. Foster was very excited! "What a blessing!"

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