Elections results are the talk of the town today

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Whether around the water-cooler or the downtown diner, the election was definitely the talk of the country today.

At the Blue Plate Cafe, your decision on what to eat could be centered around the special of the day, but your topic of conversation a day after a historical election could leave you with few choices.

For those of us that were happy with the results, there was laughter, even comparisons to college football.

"I think normally when the Democrats wins, Alabama wins."

Since 1988, every year a Democrat has won the election, Alabama won the Iron Bowl. Every year a Republican has taken office, Auburn has won.

For some parents, they were thrilled to make the at-home watch party a family affair.

"My three younger ones were involved and were all watching it and they were actually following the issues that were on the table." says Alexander Mahdi.

At the Presidential Barber Shop the topic was the same, but the conversation was less on excitement and more on how we got to the end result.

"We just have to live right now and make the best out of this president that we have now."

Regardless on which side of the conversation you're on everyone agrees, they're ready to finally change the topic of conversation.

"Just get back to life instead of worrying about politics."