Marshall County man has cautionary tale about smoking

“Smoking is a terrible thing.”

Alvin Edwards is never far from his breathing treatments.   The oxygen delivered by several feet of tubing helps him stay alive.

“I have to have the oxygen 24/7 now.”

Alvin’s story is a cautionary tale about a lifetime of smoking. He began at 12 years old.

“My dad smoked Camel cigarettes. When he went to sleep at night, me and my sister would shake out a couple of cigarettes.”

Alvin tried quitting smoking as an adult. But he just couldn’t.

We visited Alvin at his home in Grant.

“I tried to quit. I rolled my windows down and throw the cigarettes out the window and said that's it. I ain't gonna smoke no more. And honestly I'm telling the truth …  go a mile or two down the road and think … that was almost a full pack. I would turn around and go back.”

He finally kicked it in 2008. But the damage was done and irreversible.

Alvin Edwards is a Navy veteran. He has seen the world and crisscrossed the country as an over-the-road trucker too many times to count. But COPD has slowed him down to a very slow step.

I asked Alvin why he was doing the interview.

He said “Try to help someone.  If I can help someone to quit smoking or never start, it's worth it all. The smoking, the enjoyment of blowing a few smoke rings is not worth the life I have to go through, just to live one more day."

Huntsville Hospital has help for you if you want to stop smoking.  You can call 1-256-265-7071 for information on their smoking cessation clinics.