Vote by Text? Don’t Believe It!

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There is no such thing as voting by text.

Chris Mills of reports that a new election-related scam has surfaced on Twitter recently. The ad shows a picture of Hilary Clinton urging people to vote by text. The reality: There is no such thing as voting by text. The only way citizens can vote without going to the polling stations, is through the early voting process. Unfortunately, for most precincts around the nation, the early voting window has already closed.

Make a game plan for casting your vote on Election Day. Allow time in your work schedule to make your vote count. In addition to the national election, there will be a number of local and state referendums that will require a vote. Request a sample ballot from your local county clerk’s office or newspaper. You can also download a copy from local TV stations. Arrive early to avoid long lines. Be sure to bring a valid picture ID as this is required at all polling stations.

Prepare now to make the most of your vote during this election cycle.

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