UAH Political Scientist Andree Reeves discusses why the Constitution of Alabama needs reform

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UAH Political Scientist Andree Reeves talk to WHNT about the Constitution of Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – When you vote Tuesday, among other things, you will also find 14 constitutional amendments to review. These would be in addition to the 883 amendments already passed, that make the Constitution of Alabama the longest ruling legal document in the country. This week WHNT spoke to UAH Political Scientist Andree Reeves about why she believes our current Constitution needs reform.

“Well it’s a hundred years old and then some and we do need a new constitution, although I suspect that the major problems would not change even if we had a new constitution. There are four big problems with it, and I know that some would disagree …there’s a lot of racist language in it…we’ve got education problems …we’ve got taxation problems, and the big problem and the reason we have all these amendments…is a lack of home rule which is the ability of state and local…excuse me…counties and municipalities governing themselves.”

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