False Voter Information Circulating

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — On Tuesday, November 8th voters will have to decide on who will be the next President of the United States. The heated presidential election has caused some people to make up what the Madison County Democratic Party Chairman Tom Ryan calls lies.

Some Madison county voters told WHNT they have received phone calls telling them to cast their vote on November 9th instead of the 8th. "I traced that number back and it's a North Carolina number.  The number is similar to the number that was on the KKK flyers found in Madison last Sunday," Ryan said.

The call was disguised to sound like it came from the Madison County Democratic Headquarters, because it asks the voter to mark the Democratic straight ticket. Ryan said it wasn't them making the phone calls.

He said every year there are people trying to manipulate voters. He said all of their flyers will have the office number on it and the candidates. He said if you receive something that's suspicious it probably is.

But phony phone calls aren't the only way voters are being tricked. Some social media posts suggest voters can text in a vote. "You can't text in your vote, you can't vote swap with someone from another state. You can't send it in by fax, you have to go to the polls," Ryan said.

He said if you think something you receive is suspicious call the headquarters at (256)534-1776.