The 10th Big White Tent Pet Adoption Event

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A New Leash on Life presents their next BIG WHITE TENT PET ADOPTION event November 12th - 13th at Petsmart - Jones Valley, Huntsville, Alabama. The event is held four times a year, in addition to the weekly adoption events at Petsmart. The BIG WHITE TENT PET ADOPTION allows A New Leash on Life to show adoptable pets from all over North Alabama and allow them a better chance of finding forever homes.

A New Leash on Life has held nine BIG WHITE TENT PET ADOPTION events in Huntsville, resulting in a total of 949 additional cats and dogs being adopted. Most of these additional pets are from North Alabama shelters, where most would have lost their lives. The adoptable animals are fully vetted and will have greatly reduced adoption fees during this adoption weekend. Adoption fees are tax deductible.

A New Leash on Life, Inc. is a unique foster and adoption program for homeless dogs and cats. Their goals are for all pets in North Alabama municipal shelters to get out alive, receive whatever medical care they need, including spay/neuter, microchip, testing, and vaccines, and be placed in family homes well-suited for each of them where love, care, and training are provided