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UPDATE: Martha’s Falls Trail at Little River Canyon reopens following wildfire

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Little River Canyon fire (Photo: Little River Canyon National Preserve)

Little River Canyon fire (Photo: Little River Canyon National Preserve)

MARTHA’S FALLS, Ala. – Little River Canyon National Preserve is reopening the Martha’s Falls Trail after a large fire burned at least 350 acres in October.

Visitors are not permitted to enter the burned areas off trails for their own safety and must stay on established trails.

The interiors of the burned areas contain numerous hidden stump holes, and snags that may fall at any time.  Some of the stump holes may have hot coals and stepping into them would cause severe burns with possible broken bones.

Some fire personnel are still at the park; please do not interfere with their operations.  Officials ask that anyone visiting the park stay away from fire personnel activities for their own safety.

Officials with the National Park Service believe an illegal campfire at the park caused the wildfire.