Jackson County Commission wants residents to vote “yes” for Amendment 14

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - "For Jackson County this could mean $500,000 lost revenue if Amendment 14 doesn't pass."

The Jackson County Commission is asking everyone to vote "yes" for Amendment 14.  This amendment validates local laws.  If it is not passed, laws can be challenged and need to be reworked and reprocessed.  This could potentially remove revenue rom the state, as well as counties.

"It's a very negative impact if that doesn't pass. It's going to throw our Legislature into turmoil I think because they are going to be scrambling to figure out which one of these laws needs to be re passed," says Commissioner Hodges.  "So I think it's important for the stability of our counties, our cities and our state that 14 get passed."

Commissioner Hodges says it is vital that voters educate themselves on what will be on their ballot on Tuesday.  Talk to others, do your research and ask questions to fully understand the system and how it works.

"Learn about your candidates. Learn about your amendments. This is our duty in this republic to vote and make the decisions on where our future goes, so I hope folks get out and do that."

If you have any questions on Amendment 14 or any other amendments, here is a convenient breakdown guide.