Incumbent Roger Jones, Tim McNeese vie for Madison County District 1 Commission Seat

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - For the last 16 years, Democrat Roger Jones has served as a commissioner of Madison County District 1. Jones says he still has a lot of work left to do, but his Republican challenger, Tim McNeese, claims it's time for a change.

Jones points to his record, as to why he deserves the voters' support.  “We’ve repaved a lot of roads, we’ve widened a lot of bridges, we’ve implemented a Senior RX program that’s saved Seniors in Madison County over 38 million dollars," says Jones.

McNeese tells WHNT News 19, it's time for a changing of the guard.  “It’s always a challenge to unseat an incumbent. He’s been there that long and has done a lot of good in the area. Again, I think it’s time for new leadership," he says.

Both candidates say road projects should be a priority in District 1. State project funding over the last two decades hasn't increased, but the cost of construction has, meaning there's less bang for the county's buck.

Both agree that there should be more funding, but suggest different strategies on how to do so.

“Cut some wasteful spending, work on economic growth to build a little better tax base," says McNeese.

“I think we’re going to have to depend on the state to help with some kind of mechanism to find or increase funding for roads," says McNeese.

Commissioner Jones has the benefit of name recognition and experience, but McNeese belongs to the stronger local party, as a Republican.

Jones says he's hoping voters will put party affiliations aside. “I need votes. You can vote straight Republican and then you can vote Roger Jones and  I’ll still get that vote," he says.

As for McNeese, he's optimistic his campaign has shown what kind of leader he could be.  “Those who know me, know I’ve worked my entire career and will continue to bring that to District 1, if elected on Tuesday," says McNeese.

Commissioner Jones' campaign plans on holding a watch party on Election Night at the Alabama A&M Agribition Center on Moores Mill Road.

Tim McNeese will be holding a private party at his home.



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