Dry Weather Helps Construction Crews Get Ahead

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Every week the drought deepens across the Valley and every week we see more impacts from it. For many hard workers, prolonged dry periods are actually good news. That's the case for construction companies and many city workers too.

The Public Works Department of Huntsville for instance isn't wasting any of this dry time. They've used it to get ahead on city maintenance projects and construction projects, like the Big Spring Park renovation.

Normally when a construction schedule is set it's made to account for a certain number of rain days. If it doesn't rain, those days don't get used and crews keep working.

Since construction on Big Spring Park began on August 29th Huntsville has only seen three days of measurable rainfall and two of those were during the weekend.

With such a long stretch of dry weather crews are already two weeks ahead of schedule. Keep in mind though that there's a chance that all of the allotted rain days will still be needed.

The project is expected to be finished by April of 2017, but if the rain holds off that date might come a little sooner.