A sign of good in the world: Bacon

We love testing products for Deal or Dud that involve bacon.

The irony of that is I’m in the middle of a massive workout/diet program and have lost about 40 pounds.

I love bacon.   And now I'm kind of loving turkey bacon.

But I digress.

Anything with bacon is a sign that not all is lost in this world.

Part of our TV family, WNEP tested the Bacon Boss. We love their test.

The Bacon Boss is a product that turns your microwave into an elaborate bacon press.

You put the bacon in the base, and then the top clamps down on the base, effectively pressing the bacon.

The grease drains into an easy cleanup part of the base. You can put the Bacon Boss in the dishwasher.

The family that tested it loved it.

The Bacon Boss you can find for around $20. You can get it at most places that sell As Seen on TV products.