Record warmth and no immediate signs of rain on the horizon

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This just stings. And it stinks. The few showers that passed through the Tennessee Valley Thursday did nothing to dent the drought. The largest rainfall total we could find Thursday afternoon was from Fort Payne (north end of town): 0.05.”

That’s it for the rain in the short-term. Expect more abnormally warm, bone dry weather for tonight, Friday and the weekend. Other than a coating of dew on cool, clear mornings, there is nothing wet about the forecast.  Huntsville has had 176 days at or above 80ºF this year; the most we’ve ever recorded is 178 in 2007.  That record won’t last much longer as we expect to be in the 80s through the end of next week.

Bone dry, unusually warm weather continues on Friday

Bone dry, unusually warm weather continues on Friday

Drought now covers 100% of the state: Thursday’s weekly US Drought Monitor update showed that the drought had expanded to cover all of Alabama’s 67 counties. The “exceptional” (worst) conditions exist over Northeast and East-Central Alabama as well as a large part of the Birmingham Metro Area. Read more about the significance of the drought and the impact on our Valleywx blog!

So what led to this?

Persistent “blocking.”  Atmospheric “blocks” are persistent large-scale patterns that change the normal path of the storm track.  In our case, a strong, persistent ridge (high) over the Southern Plains shut off our normal supply of moisture from the Gulf and sent the jet stream far to the north: a double whammy.

There are no signs of "significant" rain anytime soon; however, there is a chance of a pattern shift after November 5th: some rain, some cooler weather, but still not enough to break the drought.

Need some specifics about the weekend or next week? They're always online at and in the "Daily Forecast" section on Live Alert 19!

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