“It’s one of our more prevalent crimes”: Arab Police officers continuously train to respond to domestic violence situations

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ARAB, Ala. -- Domestic Violence Awareness Month is nearing a close but for some Marshall County police officers, domestic violence is a year round issue.

"We get several calls every week. So far this month we've responded to 36 domestic violence calls," explains Arab Police Assistant Chief Shane Washburn.

Washburn says domestic violence situations make up a good majority of the calls Arab Police officers respond to.

"It's one of our more prevalent crimes that we have to deal with," Washburn says, "It's usually on a daily basis that we have to answer some type of call of some type of domestic disturbance or domestic violence. We have continuous training on this because the law is always changing with domestic violence."

Officers train on a regular basis. "Also, we train them on how to be safe during domestic violence calls, because those are, statistically, some of our most dangerous calls that we respond to," Washburn adds.

During each call, officers hand out information to victims to get help. "The State requires us to give a packet that basically gives the victim information on how to get help, how to seek shelter, and how to get away from the offender," Washburn said.

The Arab Police Department encourages any victim that is involved in a domestic violence situation to call their local police department, because that's a way to get help and to get out of that environment. "To get you back on your feet to where you can be safe and your family can be safe," Washburn says.

The Arab Police Department can be reached at any time at (256) 586-8124.

If you are in a situation where you need help, to get away from a spouse or partner who is abusing you or your children, please know that help is available. Please visit domesticshelters.org to find a resource near you.

Kelley’s Rainbow provides both direct and indirect services to victims of Domestic Violence in Cherokee, DeKalb and Marshall County. That agency can be reached at 256-891-9864.